Patient Information

Patient Information

Scheduled Appointments

All consultations are by appointment. Standard appointments are 10 to 15 minutes. If you have multiple or complex medical issues please request a longer appointment. This reduces delays for all patients. All patients attending the practice for the first time require a double appointment (visitors on short stay excepted)

Doctor of Choice

Every effort is made to provide an appointment with the doctor of your choice; however, for urgent matters this may not be possible.

Emergencies and After Hours

After 7pm our doctors are on call and can be contacted by calling our answering service on 567 21333. If you need to speak to a doctor on call the answering service will arrange for you to speak to them. Please note fees apply for our after hours service.

Self Check In

Self check in kiosk is located in the foyer in Wonthaggi.

Tests Results & Prescriptions

All scripts require a doctors appointment , our doctors do not take requests for repeat scripts over the phone. Generally a follow up visit will be necessary to review all test results. For follow-up appointments allow at least 3 working days for results to be received and reviewed by your doctor. Patients will be contacted if results require immediate or urgent follow-up.


The practice has a policy for recalling patients where medically appropriate. If the doctor considers this is indicated for you it will be discussed with you.

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