Patient Information

Patient Information

Appointment Types

Consultations are by appointment. If you have multiple or complex problems that you wish to discuss with your doctor, please request a long consultation. Patients who do not do this may not have all their concerns addressed and may be asked to return at another time.
A number of appointments are held at all locations every day for urgent matters and walk in patients. You may be asked triage questions by our nurses and/or receptionists to determine your priority for an appointment.
We offer Telehealth and Video appointments. Please check your eligibility with reception staff when booking. Online bookings and self check-in are available via Hotdoc.

Doctor of Choice

Every effort is made to provide an appointment with the doctor of your choice; however, for urgent matters this may not be possible.

Emergencies and After Hours

After 7pm our doctors are on call and can be contacted by calling our answering service on 567 21333. If you need to speak to a doctor on call the answering service will arrange for you to speak to them. Please note fees apply for our after hours service.

Home Visits

Home visits are available to regular patients of our clinic who are unable to attend the practice due to serious incapacity, such as for Palliative Care or as agreed upon with your regular GP. They are confined to a distance of 15klm from the nearest clinic.
Please note these consults are not available for patients who have transport problems.

Walk In Appointments

A number of appointments are held at all locations each day for urgent matters and walk in patients. You may be asked triage questions by our nurses and/or receptionists to determine the priority for an appointment.

Self Check In

Self check in kiosk is located in the foyer in Wonthaggi.

Tests Results & Prescriptions

All scripts require a doctors appointment , our doctors do not take requests for repeat scripts over the phone.
Generally a follow up visit will be necessary to review all test results. For follow-up appointments allow at least 3 working days for results to be received and reviewed by your doctor. Patients will be contacted if results require immediate or urgent follow-up.


The practice has a policy for recalling patients where medically appropriate. If the doctor considers this is indicated for you it will be discussed with you.

Patient Health Information

The clinic maintains a strict code of confidentiality . Sometimes this can cause inconvenience to patients who would like family members to be provided with information but have not given their written consent. For further information on the management of your health record refer to our privacy pamphlet.

For a fee, you can receive a copy of your full clinical record. Health records can also be transferred to other medical practices. We require signed written consent to share medical information. Please ask at reception for a brochure.

Communication Policy

Telephone is our preferred principle method of communication for patients and other healthcare providers. Please see use the Contact Us tab for branch phone numbers.
Alternative modes that may be used include:
- Email
- National Relay Service (Hearing Impaired)
- Translation and Interpreter Service (non-english speaking)

Patients can access a doctor by telephone if they require urgent clinical care. Reception staff will triage the call and if urgent will interrupt the on call doctor or doctor of choice if they are available. If a GP is not available your call will be transferred to the Practice Nurse.
For all non-urgent matters a message will be sent to your preferred GP.

Any clinical information requested via email will be sent after proper patient consent is obtained via secure encrypted email.

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